Thursday, September 28, 2006

De Red Star Line - Evocatie van een merkwaardig tijdperk

I was at Theater Zeemanshuis tonight ... attending one of the avant-premiere performances of De Red Star Line by Alex Van Haecke .

It was stunning!!

If you live in Belgium and you have any curiousity about those generations who left for America between the 1870s and up until the 1930s then I absolutely recommend this play.

If you love powerful theatre, the kind that contains that perfect blend of sadness and humour then this play is also for you ... and if you only speak English, the narrator speaks in a seamless mix of Engels and Nederlands ... telling the story of 'his' father, grandfather and grandmother making the journey.

Should I translate a little ...?

The play was called The Red Star Line - an evocation of a remarkable era and we attended one of the pre-official opening night performances.

And if you had no idea that the Red Star left from Antwerpen you can read more at The Red Star Line Memorial site here .

Theater Zeemanshuis
Falconrui 21
2000 Antwerpen
Tel: 03/225.07.53
bank: 979-2845553-63

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