Monday, September 11, 2006

Sony's General Manager ...'Turkish economy just like a rodeo'

Erkan had a link to an article and I loved how it described Turkey ...

Sony's Eurasia General Manager Mohsen Noohi has commented on wavering of the Turkish economy lately, saying "Turkey is just like a rodeo; it is a beautiful, exciting, and wonderful country, but every now and then, you fall. If you can't get up after falling, you'll have a hard time succeeding here."

Noohi went on to note that Sony saw the future in Turkey in promising, which is why the company wants to make long term investment in the country. Noohi also noted that new products and product categories would be introduced by Sony to the Turkish market in the near future, and that a "Vaio" brand of laptop, produced especially with the Turkish market in mind, would be introduced in November of this year.

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