Friday, September 08, 2006

I love New Zealand ...

I'm sitting here in the sun, at Gert's relatively tidy desk ... the surface papers will be easy to pick up and put away.

Andrea Bocelli is singing to me (sshhhh, that's how it seems as his voice surrounds me via the computer speakers) and I'm working on research for a delicious project that I'll tell you about next year when it all happens.

Anyway why do I love New Zealand today ...?
Well in the course of my research I ended up in the New Zealand Sheepdog Trial Association and it's superb. It explains all that they do, and for reasons that I probably can't explain I love that.

Sundays, I think it was Sundays, we couldn't help ourselves ... us townies would gather round the tv screen to listen as Jim Moira took us through the dog trials. There were some very naughty sheep involved at times and the dogs could be anything from superb through to useless. Jim described it all and we hung off his every word.

It's a nice memory and it's why I'm smiling about New Zealand at this moment in time.

(Note: the photograph was taken one day while I was sitting on Hunter's verandah down in Fiordland, New Zealand. I don't have a sheepdog photograph but it seemed like a post that required a dog photo ... these two were friends and delighted me as they shared the space with us.)


Manic said...

I wanna go to New Zealand.
And how country of you to watch sheep dogs in action.

a-random-kiwi said... that brings back memories. It actually got really tense at times, especially when there was the one sheep, that was smarter than the others and who refused to co-operate no matter what.

For some odd reason it reminds me of watching English snooker, I think it was the similarity in the sometimes understated commentary.

woman wandering said...

I'm very 'country' sometimes manic, especially back in the days of my childhood. Didn't you know ... I studied both agriculture and horticulture between the ages of 13 and hmmm 15ish.

You wanna to go to New Zealand for so many reasons :) Tis beautiful.

Hi random-kiwi, it did get tense sometimes, didn't it! Those clever sheep were a nightmare lol, and it gripped us, didn't it.

I did love the commentary, so yes I think you're right. But looking back I can't quite believe there was commentary :)

ML said...

And Hunter and his veranda and his wonderful ways bring back many memories to me. What a delightful man! ( and a delightful hostess who took me to meet him!) And the pictures are wonderful too, as always@

paris parfait said...

The more I learn about New Zealand - and the more beautiful photographs I see - I want to visit! Lovely photo of the dogs.

woman wandering said...

Lol, thanks ml ... he is a lovely man, isn't he. I'm glad it brings back happy memories for you.

Paris parfait, you must go to New Zealand, and do tell me when you're in the planning stages. I know some lovely people and places over there. :)