Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Los Pilones, Amsterdam

Alison took me to this superb Mexican restuarant the first time we were in Amsterdam together.

One mouthful of Alambres con Pollo at Los Pilones and I was a convert to Mexican food. The mojitoes are lovely too and the ambience ... well, if possible, reserve a table as the restaurant tiny and its reputation is big.

You can find them at Kerkstraat 63, 1017 GC, Amsterdam. And reservations can be made on 0203204651.

That's Alison on the left and me on the right ...


Dobermann said...

Mexican food rocks, if it's real mexican food and not some fast food crap..

This means I have to go get mexican stuff after the school today. ;)

woman wandering said...

Just thinking about it is making me hungry now ... sigh.

I hope you got your paper done for 'school' :)

James said...

I am glad to know about this Mexican restaurant as a recent transplant to Amsterdam. Thanks for the tip!

woman wandering said...

A pleasure James!

Alison also introduced me to the stunningly yummy place inside the big V&D store (

You go in and you can buy freshly made pasta, pizza, fruit shakes, bakery goods and I can't do it justice here but if you found it already, do check it out, it's great if you don't feel like cooking.

Oh, and Green Planet, the vegetarian place at Spuistraat 122.