Saturday, September 02, 2006

Leah Thys as Marlene Dietrich

I'm just in from a stunning evening ...

Gert and I wandered along to the Fakkelteater (Torch Theatre), Rode Zaal Hoogstraat 12 in Antwerpen and sat through Leah Thys superb performance in the play simply titled Marlene.

Most of the performance used language beyond my Nederlands 1.2 but it didn't matter, Leah was stunning. She performed in Dutch, German and beautiful English ... oh how I enjoyed those small English moments and as the play went on she became Marlene ... seemed possessed, taking our endless standing ovation with languid grace worthy of Ms Dietrich.

The play opened with Marlene's arrival backstage pre-performance and we watched her work with her assistant, despair alone, sing a little, slip into something silky for an interview with the New York Times and almost fall apart as she readied herself to sing.

And then she sang and one hour into the performance she was no longer Leah Thys.

Tonight was opening night and the theatre was full however you could have heard a pin drop during the performance ... an experience I've never had when socialising in this special Belgian city.

The play is running until 24 September and it's really worth seeing.

(Note: avoid the balcony seats at all costs, unless you're 6ft+ - at 5foot 7in, my feet didn't quite touch the floor and it made for a uncomfortable time).

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