Saturday, September 30, 2006

City Quizzers

Last night was Quiz Night here in Antwerpen ... open to personnel from the City of Antwerpen, the quiz is organised by the previous year's winners.

Last night there were 22 teams of 8 ... 8 rounds of 12 questions, 4 rounds of table questions and 1 music round.

I was outside the loop at the table and of little use, although I was pleased to realise that understood most of the questions. Unfortunately it was difficult to get the finer points of questions meant to test the locals ... the skill level wasn't exactly Nederlands 1.2.

On the bright side, there was a question about Peter Snell, the New Zealand runner who passed the Belgian waving at the crowd, celebrating his victory before crossing the line ... one should never under-estimate a Kiwi ;)

And New Zealander, Sir Edmund Hilary - first man on Everest, was another answer. It's good to see 'us' out there as a nation.

I was hanging out on the fringes of De Dockers team and they were happy enough with their second, just 4 points behind the winners.

There's another round next week then totals are added together and winners announced however Friday is also the eve of the local, city and province elections here and I do believe Gert will be otherwise involved ...

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