Thursday, June 01, 2006

Is Google's Gmail Safe?

Poynter Online is full of interesting things like this post on Making Gmail Safer . You'll find links to the secure server information he mentions by clicking through to the Poynter post.

Did you think your Google Gmail was safe? I thought it was safer than other Web-based mail services, but according to Andrew Lih you can choose to connect to Gmail via a little-noticed link to a secure server.

Lih describes these benefits: "Not only is your password not passed over the Internet in the clear, the entire session is encrypted and untappable. This will prevent anyone from snooping on your e-mail as it travels from Google's server (likely in California) to where you are. Gmail is so quick, you'll never notice the difference in speed."

Fons Tuinstra


Mozza said...

Thanks! I've changed my bookmark to this secure Gmail.

woman wandering said...

A pleasure, Mr Mozza. :) Seemed important.

Dobermann said...

That was interesting. I have to take action too.. Though I have to admit that I do have gmail account, but I have never really used it at all..

woman wandering said...

I know what you mean doberman, I'm kind of changing to gmail but have to tell everyone yet lol.

I seem to not receive a lot of my yahoo mail, which is a tad annoying.