Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sandie dog

A thought before sleeping ... writes the hopeful Kiwi.

I was a young bride when I moved to small town New Zealand and once there it became clear that a dog was required to fill the vacancy of faithful companion; the one who was always available for walking tours and geographical exploration of the new area.

I mentioned this fact repeatedly over days, a kind of verbal application of that anicent technique known as water torture. Fruit was quickly borne ... Sandie-dog arrived.

She never required a leash or a collar and it might be whispered that she was more obedient than many children I know. Her only rebellion was that she was always torn about whether to stay in the water or come home ... a battle that never became simple and often involved her running after the car as I drove slowly away, forcing choice.

She lived 16 years, the last few were increasingly wobbly. I carried her on and off her beloved beaches during most of her final year.

I was just thinking about how nice it would be to have my old dog around. She used to sleep somewhere close when I read or wrote. She loved a good road trip, was partial to beds when one could be located and she adored a new creek, lake or beach.

I must talk to Gert about dogs ... hmmm 3am, a review of technique and sleep deprivation comes to mind as a possible modus operandi.


Dobermann said...

Psssst.. I can help you if you need a little dobe puppy. ;)

woman wandering said...

Psssssst back ... you would also have to provide a spare room lol, Gert might just throw me out for that one. Thanks though :)

Dobermann said...

Oh, you just go and get something small and sweet. Then you both look at Gert with your big eyes and it's done. lol

And remember to promise you take the puppy out and take care of it! ;)

woman wandering said...

Lol, my father said no to me and my first dog when I was 9 years old, Goldie lived until I was 20.

My ex-husband said no to my second dog when I was 21 and she lived 16 years lol, I told Gert it's best not to think he is any better than them when it comes to me and a small cute puppy ... I suspect I won't be allowed within a kilometre radius of anything resembling golden labrador puppies :)