Saturday, June 24, 2006

Poynter Online

Poynter Online regularly email interesting articles.

The latest interesting thing is this article titled 'Fifty Writing Tools: What's in Store'.

They explain. For the last two years, these 50 essays describing writing strategies have lived on the Poynter Web site, helping journalists improve their craft. Your support for these writing tools has led to two exciting developments.

The publisher Little, Brown plans a Sept. 1, 2006 launch for the book version: Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer. At the request of the publisher, we'll soon be taking these 50 essays down from the Poynter site.

They are yours to peruse until July 1. In their place will appear something now: Writing Tools -- The Blog. I'll use the blog to discuss examples of the writing tools, both old and new, and to create new ways to guide and inspire writers.


Mohamed Taher said...

The world is simply round. Not flat a yet.

I have cited your new post on poynter at my blog Teacher Resources or Resources for Educating the Educators

Waiting as ever for your comments.
Best. Mohamed

woman wandering said...

Thanks Mohamed, I commented and remembered a resource that I've been receiving for ages ... maybe someone will find it useful.

Kind regards