Friday, June 23, 2006

The Fun Never ends in the 21st century ....

Der Spiegel writes about the fact that: Russia is constructing a floating nuclear power plant for remote regions that could provide energy for coastal cities. Environmentalists warn of a catastrophe at sea. And nuclear proliferation experts point out that the ship would use weapons-grade uranium to generate electricity.


Mohamed Taher said...

I found your blog, serendipitiously.

Someone in our Digital reference, asked about expats and working abroad. I gave your blog address to contact you.

I sent her another expats' article on how to co-exist: The expatriate librarian : skills that travel

Stay in touch and will be happy to share my experiences of once an expat, and now a citizen of a new found world.

Best, Mohamed
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woman wandering said...

Hi Mohamed, I wandered through your sites just now ... both interesting and prolific.

Thanks for stopping by.