Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wandering in Flanders Field

I spent the day wandering over farmland exploring WWI battlefields in Mesen, buying farm fresh eggs and strawberries.

I accepted an invitation to coffee in the farmhouse kitchen, adding fresh cow milk to that coffee and listening while the Mesen dialect Dutch flowed round me ...

It was a good day.


wandering-woman said...

OOooh, lovely poppies.

What's for breakfast this morning, a nice fat farm fresh egg omelette?

woman wandering said...

Thanks, I was delighted by the poppies ... they were almost over.

Hmmm, it was poached eggs on toast for dinner last night. I was the only one there for dinner ... I think lunch may consist of an egg spread on bread.

They are exquisite ... I will never eat supermarket eggs again.

Anil P said...

Did all those souls turn into lovely flowers?

woman wandering said...

I think so anil ... the flowers are beautiful enough to be fragile souls.