Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Note to Self

Sometimes, when the war of permissions is on my mind, I fret about my days without colleagues or wages ... other times, when friends come to town, I have to confess that it's lovely to be free of the obligation of workplace attendance.

Now to remember that on the 'down' days.

And, writes Di with the sun on her as she works at her desk, if I had been working then I couldn't have become involved all the exciting projects I'm becoming involved in ...

There's much to be grateful for and many reasons to say thank you, it's simply a matter of remembering on the grey days.


Alison said...

it looks like we have no grey days on the horizon for the next week or so... drinks on the patio next week... your place or mine?

woman wandering said...

A conversation required methinks ... pros and cons of patio versus balcony :)