Thursday, June 08, 2006

Some friendly Belgian cows


Cat in Rabat said...

I bet those friendly Belgian cows are quietly exhorting all of us to lead a vegetarian life!

woman wandering said...

Oddly enough, that was the very conversation we were having when I snapped that photograph.

They asked me about my carnivorous leanings, and embarassed I assured them I was a vegetarian ... I lied but it felt good about it.

I didn't stop there ... on a roll, I continued with the news that all peoples had seen the error of their ways and were now chowing down on grass.

I do believe I left them happily planning retirement based on timeshare properties in New Zealand.

judy said...
some beuutiful cows here too.Tinelkes' pics are stunning.

woman wandering said...

I wandered over to tineke's site and loved the photos ... thanks for telling me of it Judy