Saturday, June 10, 2006

An ABC Of Me

accent: I have a New Zealand accent, there are only 4 million of us, so it's a bit special and if I relax I'm rumoured to pronounce 'pen' as 'pin' and so on.

booze: red wine, red wine and more red wine.

chore I hate: one chore? But I hate ironing, washing dishes, cleaning windows (unless I'm in the mood) and cleaning toilets. Unforuntately I don't like a mess and as I'm the at-home-in-process-immigrant, I'm the manual labourer by default.

dogs/cats: none ... just now.

essential electronics: laptop and camera, incredibly essential.

favorite perfume: 212 Carolina Herrera

gold/silver: I wear a small silver St Christopher medal (patron saint of travellers - thanks Sandra) and I was gifted an unusually shaped piece of greenstone/jade from New Zealand (thanks Julie) on leather.

hometown: born and raised in Mosgiel, New Zealand. Present 'hometown' Belgium, last 'hometown' Istanbul, wished for 'hometown' Rome.

insomnia: only an occasional night at the moment, after a lifetime of reading incredibly late.

job title: ahhhhhhhhh a mystery to be solved before Christmas, all going well with my paperwork.

kids: one magnificent daughter.

living arrangements: living with my Belgian guy.

most admired trait: people tell me I'm empathetic, even strangers ...

number of sexual partners: a little personal.

overnight hospital stays: a couple of days when I was 2 (tonsils), a couple of weeks when I gave birth to my daughter.

phobia: nothing much.

quotes:'If Cinderella's mother had been around, she might have reminded her daughter that just because the glass slipper fit, she should not have felt obligated to wear it.' It's brilliant.

religion: I just believe what I believe.

siblings: one sister, 2 brothers and a half-brother.

time I usually wake up: the alarm goes at 6.30am through the week, no alarm and 9am-ish weekends.

unusual talent: I can make my pupils wiggle, best not shared really.

vegetables I refuse to eat: I used to despise brussel sprouts but can be convinced by a good chef.

worst habit: it might be biting my fingernails, if I cared to admit to it.

x-rays: hmmm broken navicular bone, and then x-rayed after the motorbike accident, ankles, spine ... stuff, dental ... now I'm eating Northern Hemisphere fish ... I'll surely glow-in-the-dark.

yummy foods I make: venison steaks, peach muffins, chocolate cake, sultana cake, cheese rolls and sundry boring domestic-type stuff ... I prefer to let the culinary abilities of others shine (and then eat the results).

zodiac sign: in the cusp of Libra/Scorpio ... imagine! And was impressed by a Vedic reading that made me an Aries.

I found this over on Susannah's , ink on my fingers blog.


harvey molloy said...

I don't mind ironing--as long as I can watch music videos or MTV while I'm doing it! My most hated chore is scrubbing the shower: hell on earth. And we had a small earthquake at 4.00 AM this morning in Wellington--just strong enough to rattle the bed.

woman wandering said...

The shower ... oh, I remember past shower cleaning sessions! It's a bath here, so much better when it comes to cleaning ... I'm sorry for your suffering :)

I was just telling Gert about earthquakes and Wellington, as it's the city I'd most like to come home to however ... there is the earthquake thing. Glad it was just a small one.

Lotus Reads said...

What a great way to have your readers know more about you! Someday I would like to live in different parts of the world for a year at a time. Perhaps I'll start in Kyoto and move westwards.

I notice you have Orhan Pamuk's "Istanbul" in your library. Did you enjoy the read, would you recommend it? Does it tell a reader about Istanbul or is it more about Pamuk's memories of the place?

woman wandering said...

I loved Orhan Pamuk's book but perhaps it was because I spent two years living there ... he writes of his memories and there was the pleasure of recognising place, or of understanding that that time was past. There was also reading a local's view of the city ... I loved it but I can't be sure that it will appeal to people who haven't been there.