Saturday, June 03, 2006

Despair ...

Rowan had posted this superb picture on idiocy ... reading it put the political situation a little more in perspective for me.

The image comes from a site called and is hilarious.

They write: For the better part of a decade, Despair, Inc. has been engaged in a fierce battle in the marketplace of ideas with the multi-billion dollar motivation industry.

In 1998, Despair introduced the world to a darkly insightful line of motivational poster parodies known simply as Demotivators®. In April 2005, company co-founder Dr. E.L. Kersten unveiled his landmark management book, "The Art of Demotivation"- a work quickly praised by Financial Times Management Columnist Lucy Kellaway as "the most daring, funny and subversive management book ever written".

With the introduction of Despair Video podcasts , the company opens a new front in the war on motivation- while simultaneously offering a tantalizing glimpse at life inside the company itself.


Sal DeTraglia said...

Hi Lady Di:

I have nothing insightful to say. I only want to say "hello" on a very boring, three glass (wine, that is) night here in Castilla-LaMancha, Europe.

At least the night was spent with a pretty interesting book, rather than TV. Hope all is well in your slice of the universe.


woman wandering said...

Hey Sal, it must have been a 3 glass night last night, although mine wasn't so boring, I was experimenting with the cheaper end of the range again. Last night's was a nice little surprise.

Things come and go in my part of the universe, yesterday was the day of the 'great whack on the back of the immigrant's head' ... sensitive souls have them every now and again, failing that then the great shovel of 'papers still to come' hunts one down and delivers a bit of a thumping ;)

harvey molloy said...

The 'Demotivators' are funny little reminders of how widespread corporate propaganda is today. The Idiocy poster is totally brilliant.

woman wandering said...

I loved it too Harvey ... a warning not to take the 'motivators' too seriously.