Thursday, June 08, 2006

Antwerp Calling

I wandered over to Peter's Antwerp Calling blog and read an interesting post about the recent racially motivated murders here.

Peter introduces himself as 'a Belgian, native Dutch speaking gay author, living on the Antwerp City (Belgium, Europe) riverbanks. Well known for my risque comments on the everyday lives of not so everyday people on several local blogs. I Majored in Dutch literature, speak 4 languages and I'm a strong believer in the "forever 30" concept.'


Peter said...

Thanks for quoting me ;-)

Like my late grandmother used to say: "beauty fades, my dear, get a career" - so she got herself a career and a working life filled with professional achievements.

I was obviously poking fun at the Antwerp gay scene, where many really are in pursuit of the "forever 30" concept. In vain ;-)

woman wandering said...

A pleasure to quote you ... but really, I think people say what they want known about themselves and I tend to respect that when I'm linking to them.

I can only applaud you for poking fun at the 'forever 30 concept', specially since I passed that particular age limit :)