Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Queen came to Antwerp ...

I saw the jet fighter plane appear to escort a plane landing at the local airport here in Antwerp and I was surprised that immediately after the delight in seeing 'A jetfighter!' I was worried.

Times have changed ... the excitement of having a NZ Airforce Skyhawk or Macchi jet fly overhead back in New Zealand has been replaced with a new awareness of possibilities when a domestic jet is escorted in in Europe.

I wondered what was happening, isolated in my little 'I'm not learning anymore Dutch until I'm allowed to work here' bubble. (And yes, my dad might have chuckled and said, 'It serves you right Di'.)

Gert was having one of those days where he was constantly running to the next thing and didn't quite get the urgency in my email asking why the jetfighter was escorting domestic planes in to land.

Finally the Belgian online newspaper posted something about Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in Antwerp.

So yes, this happened: Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands begins her second state visit to Belgium on Tuesday.

The first visit took place in 1981 when King Baudouin I (Boudewijn in Dutch) was on the Belgian throne. Twenty five years on, Beatrix is visiting the land of Baudouin's brother and successor, King Albert II.

This visit begins at Deurne Airport near Antwerp where Queen Beatrix, Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and his wife Princess Maxima will be received by King Albert and Queen Paola. Their son, Prince Filip, and his wife Mathilde will also greet the Dutch royals.

And I missed it all ...


Pascal said...

What a coincidence! Yesterday, as I left the Parliament - my workplace - to go to my dentist, I came across her on Rue Royale. Well, she wasn't quite there incognito as she was preceded by three suqds of cavalry, the first one playing the trumpet. I then saw a Rolls turn the corner and there she were, Queen Beatrix, looking and waving at me - I was almost alone on the sidewalk. I waved back, a bit embarrassed... and made for my dentist!

woman wandering said...

I laughed when I read your comment Pascal. It's delicious ... the things that happen on the way to the dentist.

royalfan said...

i love our royal family to be so friendly to take the effort of getting the maximum out of a visit to our neighbours and take the most poluting way to get there. after all it's just a two hours drive from the hague.

woman wandering said...

Lol, royalfan ... the jetfighter escort, although expensive, was very cool. :)