Monday, June 19, 2006

A Few Amazing Women

There are some stunning bloggers out there and lately I've stumbled upon more than a few of them ...

There's Sabrina Ward Harrison with her beautiful blog opening on a poem that brought back childhood smiles.

She writes books and runs workshops on " The Art of Becoming Yourself". Sabrina began them 10 years ago, posting handmade fliers around her neighborhood in Berkeley, California. Over the years she has enjoyed traveling the world to facilitate her workshops with women and men who desire to create the life they most want to live. Her story is here .

Tara Witney is a photographer and brought back memories of a field I was getting into back in New Zealand ... photographing families. Her work is stunning and her blog is a lovely place to wander.

Liz Acton has just announced 'The Anywhere Studio' ... a website for online classes & kit project classes. a community for interaction with others & their work. a place to create. a place to meet & talk to new people. a place for personal growth.

Musetomuse by Frida and Georgia is a delicious place to visit and Andrea's Superhero Journal is also superb.

I have rough days out here in immigrant land and reading these guys gives me something to smile over and aspire to ...


Lotus Reads said...

Thank you so much for highlighting blogs you enjoy - it's lovely to visit a new blog, learn new things and make new friends. Thanks again. Yours is truly a delightful blog, you always have interesting and enjoyable posts.

woman wandering said...

Thanks lotus ... I had to smile over your compliment. I had written an incredibly grumpy and frustrated post about the latest in immigrating to Belgium.

I think it lasted about 30 minutes and then I deleted it ... and when I found your comment and I was glad that I had put away my dark mood.