Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yannick Haenel talks to Cafe Babel

I love Cafe Babel's Brunch With section. Today I found an interesting interview by Nathalie Six with Yannick Haenel on the subject of his seventh and latest literary venture, Cercle ('Circle', 2007).

She writes: There was the surprise: enchantment, stupefaction - I found myself shaken and entranced at the very core of my being by a prose which resembled no other; simultaneously poetic, erotic and serious, multiplied by a subject without forgetting that it is neither ordinary nor vapid. The book in a few words - a man refuses to commute on the RER train into the suburbs at 08.07 in the morning. By this simple act of refusal, he rocks in another dimension where literature, dance and eroticism would be the keys to understanding the world. An odyssey, sometimes nightmarish, from Paris to Berlin, a European quest of the senses. The pages unfolded at an uncanny speed.

Seems like a book that one must read ...

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