Friday, February 15, 2008

All bouncy today ...

The day that I work is a little stressful, as I dress in a way that I haven't had to in a long time and then make my way to Brussels via the tram, a train and the metro but it's such an interesting job with good people that I come home smiling.

I've already been out this morning ... twice to the bank, with one more visit required today. My paperwork issues have always been fraught in the lowlands and today was no exception. They're working on a solution to a situation created by me needing a business bank account to register for a V.A.T number and a V.A.T number to get the business bank account.

Our creative solution has now caused an interesting hiccup but in an odd way it seems normal in my experience of Belgium so far however the Belgians are incredibly adept at negotiating these 'situations' and they've been good to me.

Two photo sittings this weekend. I'm looking forward to both. One is with another lovely American friend who is abandoning me when she flies home in theahead and then there is the husband and wife I've wanted to photograph for simply ages. We'll be talking about the September art exhibition too.

Sunshine today after a couple of days of thick fog.
Everything seems possible!

Tot straks from the kiwi.


Manictastic said...

It's good to see you with a job you like.

Good luck with the picture sessions, you'll amaze as usual :D

Di Mackey said...

Bedankt, Meneer Manic :)