Sunday, February 10, 2008

De hond

gizmo, originally uploaded by - di.

Taking a moment to pose for the foreigner following him on his morning constitutional.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Di, this is our best friend, and he's getting old, but will stay alive trough your photo's. We love him and we love you for taking this picture.

Di Mackey said...

It was a pleasure, Lut. He's lovely and it was so good being out there today.

Meanwhile, thanks for the bag full of leeks you guys sent over from your garden. We had some for dinner and it was so good to taste something so veryvery fresh :)

Anonymous said...

You know what amazes me every time? That when I dig in the black ground, something so white comes out ... these are the little miracles of gardening.
See you! Lut

Di Mackey said...

I remember it from mum and dad's marvellous gardens. Seeing the ground come out of its winter sleep and into full production. I miss it now but really would need my mum and dad there working it as well lol.

I remember being incredibly sad about losing mum one day here when I realised that she would have delighted in flying to Belgium and making our balcony garden something special while tasting the delights of Europe.

See you soon, Lut. I'm working my way through Sunday's photographs and hope to get a cd to you sometime soon.