Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Antwerpen Day

Sculpture, Middelheim, originally uploaded by - di.

Jessie and I set out for the bus ... Rivierenhof perhaps but maybe the port area and a wander through the back streets into the city.

Somehow, and neither of us can recall the conversation precisely but we ended up on Bus 33 bound for MIddelheim - my favourite open-air sculpture park in the world.

I can't help myself, no matter how many times I go wandering there, there are always new photographs found.


Manictastic said...

The port is nice too. It's so funny to see between all the big buildings, some small ancient little churches of towns which once were.

You should go to Kallo, i think it's called. Ancient Belgium, meets the new world.

Di Mackey said...

Left Bank ... hmmm okay, I'll get my Belgian bloke onto it :)

I guess I meant het Eilandje, still now I know about Kallo. Bedankt.