Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Yael Naim, Singer

It’s a dream I almost gave up on along the way.
Yael Naim.

I've been looking for ways to pick myself up today. I'm better I think and will test it later with a photo session out in the city ... of immigrant women learning to ride bicycles. It promises to be fun.

Anyway, wandering the web and I found Yael Naim via Dancing Mermaid's blog.

Working with musician David Donatien, Yael spent more than two years writing, recording, scrapping, re-recording and building a collection of songs that reflect her heritage (she sings in French, Hebrew and English) and her past struggles. And in doing so, she rediscovered the passion for music that drove her as a child.

"I grew up in Israel [and] had a guitar with me at all times. There was also an old organ in my home, so I was always playing that. When I was 9, I began taking classical piano, and then I discovered artists like the Beatles and Aretha Franklin, who taught me about composition and voice," Naim explained. "That was what made me the person I was, and then I lost that somewhere. When I put out my first record [2001's In a Man's Womb], it was a disappointment for me. I had just come to Paris, and I was too young, and the label was too big, and so I just didn't think I could do this anymore.

"But, when I met David, he was the first one to tell me that I could produce and arrange my own music, and that I didn't need to work with big producers," she continued. "I just needed to come and sit down with him and make the music I loved. And that's how I started to find my direction and my voice and look at things that happened in a funny way, which is what this album is about."


Claudia said...

Yael is wonderful. :) The song makes me smile every single time...How are you feeling? How did the shoot go?

Di Mackey said...

She is, isn't she.
Feeling better, chickened out of the shoot. The weather isn't nice here and if I got wet, cold and sick again, I'd kick myself :)