Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A day of study

Today has been about reading and researching the new job ... hours of reading, following links and making sure I understand all the new acronyms raining down on me.

I've wandered in a world where an integrated and inclusive Europe is part of the goal, smiling over the fact that, just a few years ago, I was sitting in a university classroom listening to Professor Douglas Holmes as he lectured us on Europe in my political anthropology classes ... along similar lines to this course but different, based more on his book.

I was fortunate and managed more than one semester with him before his ground-breaking multi-sited ethnography meant that he was lured back to the States.

I keep think my life changes hugely but not really ... there are themes that seem to be here to stay for now.


BlaBlaBlogger said...

I was surprised to read that you took a job. As a fellow artist/painter preparing to move from the US to the EU, what advise would you have for me?Specifically: work permits, insurance, ease of an art business start up. Did you always plan to work for someone else while maintaining your photography biz?

Peter said...

I'm glad you found a job that provides you with so much satisfaction Di.

I guess most non-EU reader are not aware of the fact that the population of France and Holland rejected the EU constitution though, and the admirable goal of an integrated and inclusive Europe is (especially in the new Eastern EU countries)still very much a dream.

But there's nothing wrong with dreaming ;-)

Di Mackey said...

Hi blablablogger, I was incredibly lucky to find a one day per week job, as it works in perfectly with everything else that I want to do, and the work is really interesting.

Hmmm when moving to the EU as a self-employed person you need lots of patience with rules, regulations and paperwork, depending on which country you're moving to.

The other problem I had with my fledgling business was that to be self-employed, I needed to be sure of bringing in 200euro per month to meet my obligations of tax, social security and an accountancy fee - that's before clearing anything resembling a profit monthly.

In an ideal world, my photography would be so popular and sought after that I could make a living from it but the reality is that winter was tough and photographers are struggling in Belgium.

Email me if you like and I'll write up the specifics of what I did here. Maybe include which European country you're moving to and I'll see if I know anyone useful there ... if you like. My email is on my about me page.

Thanks Peter :) I had to smile over your integrated EU comment, my professor seems to be saying it will be a struggle, if not impossible too but it's interesting to try.

Email me? I'm running out the door but have some information I want to send you and I'm scared I'll forget during my appointment now xo