Friday, February 22, 2008

Stuff ...

I worked yesterday and just by the way, I'm loving the 40 minutes on the train ... I'm reading again.

Just finished the must-read (if you're curious about European football) A Season with Verona, by Tim Parks. I came away with a deeper understanding of this game that isn't rugby(and enough offensive Italian sayings to get myself into terrible trouble should I ever use them).

I'm now re-reading On Foot Through Africa by Ffyona Campbell.

Last night, coming home late from work, I ran into the unusual problem of all the electronic noticeboards being out at South Station in Brussels. So I found the where and the when from Information and smsed Gert, asking had he ever?.

THEN a whole group of policemen and women came onto our platform looking all very serious. I smsed Gert again ... and now there are police.

Home without incident though, lost in my book.

Last week I received word of a tiny inheritance from my mum's aunt and so it looks like going home is finally back on the agenda YAY!!!

Today I received work email, asking if I can photograph a European conference ... so things are happening.

And this week we launch the advertising for Di Mackey Word & Image, a new combination of the possibilities open to me if I'm to be self-employed here in Belgium.

Did I mention the 600euro social security bill ...
It's a huge challenge to stay solvent in this world so let's see if I can 'pull it off' (as we say back home in New Zealand).

Have camera, will travel ...


Manictastic said...

Lol, coppers sometimes storm platforms. I've only seen it once, and it's a bit distracting at first, but you get used to it :)

I see you've grown fond of our taxes :D

Great news that you might return to the big ol' New Zealand -damn that doesn't seem to work-

Di Mackey said...

Only once ... hmmm are you socially integrated. Gert's never seen it ... and that was my SECOND time. First time was in Dendemonde and they were a drug police unit.

Taxes ... mmmphft.

Big ol'New Zealand ... it's that or back to the 'wee continent'.

Tot straks.

furiousBall said...

Good on you for reading, are you on I might have asked this before.

Di Mackey said...

i am on goodreads, furiousball. look for womanwandering ... see you there?

christina said...

Well if anyone can pull it off, you can! :-) Lovely news about being able to go home. These things happen when we least expect them, don't they?

Di Mackey said...

They do, Christina but I must come your way too. It's still a plan but I let winter devour me ... argggh.

Kiwis in Eizer said...

Sounds like things are really coming together for you Di. Bummer about the tax bill. At least while I am am still working for the evil empire I can turn a blind eye to how much I am actaully paying - otherwise it gets extreemly distressing!

Totally stoked you can head back down under soon. I just a new role leading a global team so guess where the next meeting is... yup...NZ!

Di Mackey said...

A global team meeting downunder. Sounds superb!

Alex said...

I read Tim Parks' Italian Neighbours sometime ago, and liked it.

When I'm back in a reading phase once more, I too shall check out his newer book.

Thanks for reminding me.



Di Mackey said...

And I'll look for Italian Neighbours. Thanks Alex.

I linked to his website, didn't I?
He seems like an truly interesting bloke.

Alex said...

"And I'll look for Italian Neighbours. Thanks Alex."

No worries.

"I linked to his website, didn't I?
He seems like an truly interesting bloke."

I think you did, I'll click away.
Actually, I knew someone who had met Mr Parks, but was not overly enthusiastic about the chap. I've never met him though, although I quite like to.