Sunday, February 17, 2008

This weekend ...

beautiful people, originally uploaded by - di.

It was a good weekend.

I spent 24 hours with a Brussels-based friend and took endless photographs of her, talking over wine and dinner, then breakfast this morning ... before taking even more photographs.

And then today I had the privilege spending time with a Belgian couple who knew my photographs were about capturing the best of them for the time being, as one of them begins a harsh new treatment for cancer.

We called in on Lut and picked up another bag of prei (dank u wel) as her and her man clear their garden for spring planting. Then onwards and out to Lier for another mind-blowingly expensive round of family birthdays - a blow softened by an excellent game of ping-pong and the company of my Belgian brother in law who has the gift of humour.

Exhausted I am.


Claudia said...

She IS beautiful. Someday I wish you could take some photos of me. :) You are truly gifted, Di.

furiousBall said...

She has such a determined stare. she could tell me the sky was purple and i'd consider it.

Di Mackey said...

She is, isn't she Claudia. And thanks, if I'm over your way it would be a pleasure to come take some photographs of you.

Lol, she'll love knowing that furiousball. I've took more than a hundred and tomorrow the sorting begins but this was my favourite.

Manictastic said...

Sounds like you have had a lovely weekend. The pictures will be beautiful.

Peter said...

You know Di, I had a long conversation with her at your last party.

She sure is very driven, but most of all I recall how much fun she was: her enthusiasm was amazing.

I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend!

chiefbiscuit said...

I've loved my catch-up visit. You have got a lot on your plate - but I know you're more than up for it! Sounds exciting and I'm sure more and more roads are opening up for you too. Good on ya!

V-Grrrl said...

Hey fB, She's a Jersey Girl. You're not surprised, are you? :)

Di Mackey said...

It was a big weekend, Manic and I crashed and burned today. I guess that's what happens, as I tend to put everything into the photography - it takes me a while to get my self back.

You'll be able to talk with her again at the next party. Hmmm must send out the invitations ... time's passing ;)

Hi chiefbiscuit :) My sister smsed me from NZ the other day. 'Sitting at Millbrook Qtown, drinking beautiful wine, listening to Dave Dobbyn and Hayley Westenra ...' Your comment made me remember it, with both of you managing to turn my head towards home.

There's a really good chance I'll be home this year, I foresee a long conversation over coffee or wine chiefbiscuit :)

I keep meeting these Jersey Girl's. v-grrrl. Shannon is too. They seem like good people huh?