Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The chicken writes from the land of the sudden squalls ...

I wandered out to the supermarket with little Miss 3, who is currently on her kindergarten winter holiday week, and decided that testing my recovery from the flu on a miserable winter's day possibly wasn't the wisest thing to do the day before I start the new job.

But it's so good to feel well. I slept most of yesterday away too then finally, about midnight, I picked up. Lol, you didn't want this much information, did you but it's so good to feel like me again.

I mentioned my plan to head out into the wind and cold to the photo shoot to Gert. He hesitated and asked me if I thought it was the wisest thing to be doing, as the walk from the tram to the park was exposed and if another rainstorm came through ...

I explained I was trying to avoid being a wuss.

So I'll try for the photo-shoot later on Friday, after doing all kinds of other interesting things, including a catch up with Lut.

Side note: I really want a dog. This feeling, that she who has had labrador companions since she was 9 years old must have one again, is growing.


Peter said...

I know all about the "I really want a dog" feeling Di..

I once owned a border collie (absolutely impossible to own without a garden) and the feeling of missing a dog has been growing too.

V-Grrrl said...

Listen to the Belgie. Get well!

Manictastic said...

Hehe, was that a subtle hint for Gert :)

Di Mackey said...

What shall we do, Peter? I met my neighbour down at the bus stop and she has this tiny little 6 month old bundle of fluff called a dog. Maybe we have to downsize?

I did V, I just couldn't stand the thought of making myself sick again.

Lol, yes Manic.