Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Flu Days

The three kiwis at our place are down with the flu and it doesn't seem keen on letting us go anytime soon. It's a miserable thing ... headache, body ache, nausea, nightmares, sneezing, nose-dripping blah.

The grey skies and rain are adding to the 'ambience'.

I have two days to get well for work starting Thursday.


August said...

Girl, whodathunk that just sharing an interview from thousands of miles away, one could catch the same illness from another??? In other words... I totally feel ya, I have been in bed since Friday night with the same thing. Now my little peanut has it.. Hope your household recovers soon.

Di Mackey said...

Poor you! I guess this is all about making our computers virus proof :)

I've been in denial since getting it ... 'Just a 24 hour thing', 'Okay a 48 hour thing' ... 'Arrggh, what is this, it's disgusting and I'm tired of it!'

I don't think I've had the flu in a while. Good luck with your little peanut - our little peanut has been inspired to new heights and has become'interesting' to live with.

wandering-woman said...

Hope you are all feeling much better soon.

Peter said...

Not all is lost when you can still type ;-)

Di Mackey said...

Finally, w-w. I've been randomly at the computer but not particularly rational. Turned a corner late on Tuesday night :)

I could type Peter but 'thought' wasn't going well ;)