Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friends are kisses blown to us by angels.
Author unknown.

Borrowed from Kim.


Nomad said...

Hi There!
Thanks for dropping by my blog, unlikelynomad, I love you photos!

I also LOVE this quote!

I love to take photos as well, but I am more ON in the "eye" dept than the "tech" dept, just got my first SLR and it intimidates the h*ll out of me!

I'll pop by to see some more of your work!

I visited NZ once for a month and I have to say it is top 5 coolest spots in the world! (SUCH LOVELY FOLKS!)

Di Mackey said...

Hi nomad, it was a pleasure to find you out there in the world.

I'm an 'eye' chick as opposed to 'techy' too. I used to drive the blokes at the camera club insane back in NZ as I could never explain how I had achieved this look or that look.

I'm glad you enjoyed your month in NZ - I'm hoping to get home for a few weeks early next year. I do hope my Belgian likes it too. I may have built it up some, he teases me about it 'apparently being the only perfect country in the world'. The only way to go from there is down I guess but it will be fun showing the flatlander my South Island.

'Lovely folks' ... lol, do you know, I told him that too, and mentioned our incredible modesty in the same breath of course.