Monday, February 25, 2008

Peta Mathias, a New Zealander

Go back and look at your old school reports I say. I learned that from a book somebody gave me called What Colour Is My Parachute. If you don't know where to go next in your career, go back and see what you were good at in school. My parents sent them to me from Australia in a big box. Can you imagine how weird it is to look at your school reports when you are 50? I just sat on the floor and wept. There was this girl that I knew nothing about. I remembered I was very good at writing, and English and French. I thought,I have to write.

I loved this interview with Peta and thought I would post it for future inspiration ...

You have to burn the bridge - you have to be prepared to drown. There must be danger, or you won't change. It's not easy if you have a family to support, but you have to be a risk taker. You must leverage things, create action. Just do it!


Inge said...

She's a pretty extraordinary lady, isn't she? I just finished reading her book 'French Toast' and Vaughan & I coincidentally watched the DVD of 'Intreprid Travels' last night with her visiting Bolivia. An independent spirit, that's for sure :-).

Di Mackey said...

She is, isn't she.

She was on tv before I left NZ and I loved her luscious ways. I must look for the book and the dvd you mentioned .. I think I remember seeing her traveling in Italy a long time ago?