Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunshine and Blue Skies in Belgie

We're into our 4th day of blue skies and sunshine ... I'm bathed in it as I sit here next to the big window in the lounge.

The down side is the inversion layer over us.
Hot air above the cold air of our beautiful frosty morning ... an inversion layer that traps the mega-ton of pollution that is the reality of a life lived on the crossroads of Europe.

Never-the-mind, the sunshine feels like an incredible rebirth after a long grey winter (a winter which will undoubtedly return) but I'm going to enjoy this for now.

As soon as the weather is warm enough, all doors and windows are thrown open at my place and so they are today. Ella Fitgerald and Louis Armstrong are up loud and keeping me company and I have two more big sets of photographs to process, as well as a series of small jobs in the city.

I'm thinking that Gert might enjoy lunch with me, despite the fact he forgot to suggest it before leaving. Tsk tsk tsk ...

Anyway, I hope your day is a good one.

Tot ziens.


Manictastic said...

Oh, Gert is in so much trouble :D
Little Miss Three is back to school and how about Little Miss Twentysomething?
Winter is over Di. No snow this year :(

furiousBall said...

Ella and Louis are great company on any day, but especially on blue sky days.

Inge said...

This post is making me feel homesick - I wish I could be magically transported to Flanders & meet you for lunch in ViaVia café! Just decided yesterday that I can't afford to fly to Belgium this year, which will mean 18 months without the delights of home... How long has it been for you, Di? And how do you cope with it (I could use some advice)?

Di Mackey said...

Ummm, well I forgot that today he wasn't lunching but walking between the two offices ...

Miss Twentysomething has to do social orientation now, and learn Dutch.

Winter is over ... truly???

It seems you have very good taste, furiousball ;)

Di Mackey said...

Hi Inge, I was a little 'blah' yesterday and couldn't reply in a positive way about coping with homesickness. Clearly I wasn't coping so well :) But today is a new day, the last of the blue skies for a couple of days and best really, as they pollution level is a black rim on the horizon around me.

Coping ... it has to be about living in the now, doesn't it? Hmmm and concentrating on all the things that you're doing that wouldn't have happened if you hadn't left home.

I wouldn't have had the time to make the photography work, I wouldn't have had the time of isolation and 'nothing to lose' lack of funds to fill with blogging and Flanders Fields and all kinds of other remarkable opportunities.

And I wouldn't have this delicious NGO job in Brussels if I hadn't left home ... so yes, that's how I do it when it's all going well :)

We have lovely men too, don't we. That helps.

awomynda said...

Not fair. Rain finally arrived down under. But not too much. Two beach days already. x

Di Mackey said...

It must be so damn good to be home, Amanda ... rain or not :) Breath some NZ air for me too.