Friday, May 15, 2009

Today in Naples ...

There was the baby shower at the beautiful apartment overlooking the islands below Naples ... the one where I met some lovely people, an Australian included.

There was the long conversation with a couple of Canadian military guys while I was working on photographs taken at the baby shower and later, of the children and the bubble-blowing session on the balcony here.

Then there was that long table, outdoors and loaded down with Neopolitan bbq brilliance and red wine.

It's 22 celsius as I write this down at 23.28pm.
It has been a lovely day here in this land that I love.

Facts taken from a book titled tutta napoli state that naples takes up 11,727 square kilometres in total municipal area, that there are 4,059,196 inhabitants in the province, that the population density is 8,566 people per square kilometre.

There are 5 universities, 17 shipping lines using the port, 3 catacombs, 64 consulates, 7 national museums, 14 municipal libraries
and the list continues ...

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