Sunday, May 17, 2009

This was meant to be ...

This was meant to be a long post about why my lovely hosts are feeding me American junk food but I was so tired I failed. Basically it's all about them finding out that I had been curious about Twinkies and then deciding that I should try all of those terrible-wonderful foods but the heat and making our way around Naples is energy-sapping and at the moment I'm about to enter the pre-dinner drinks stage (a very nice Italian red, as per every evening). Actually I'm eating very healthily too, as per the olives, tiny bread slices and oil dip that just appeared next to my elbow here and the experiences have been purely delicious so far.

Tomorrow is the gnocchi lesson with Anna.
I adore Anna. I met her in Rome when she was travelling with Tonya and Jack and she promised a gnocchi lesson if I came to bella Napoli. And so I did.

I promise better quality posts after I pull this tired body of mine back together.
Buona sera from sunny Napoli.

Guess, originally uploaded by - di.


Barbara said...

I cannot begin to guess what this is ... some sort of meringue, maybe, under red light, oozing chocolate??? With this and the Hash House Harriers, I see a 'red' theme going on with you:)

Di Mackey said...

Red theme indeed, Barbara :) It was this beautiful-ugly graffiti on the local train window. Up close and just as a section I thought it beautiful.

Barbara said...

Now that is cooool! I was so far wrong it is laughable! Awesome:)

Di Mackey said...

Well, I was a bit wicked, I knew no one would be able to guess :)