Saturday, May 23, 2009

Herculaneum to Vesuvius, Naples

Herculaneum to Vesuvius, Naples, originally uploaded by - di.

At the bottom of the photograph you can see the ancient city of Herculaneum, buried by Mount Vesuvius back in August of A.D.79, under more lava than Pompeii.

Then there is an almost seamless joining of ancient to contemporary, with the new city built on top of the buried city in some instances and there, in the top third of this photograph is the mighty Mount Vesuvius.

I took some comfort in the fact that we weren't living in the 'red zone' and that we would apparently survive Vesuvius exploding but still ...


furiousBall said...

i'm sure those people in 79 AD didn't think they were in the red zone either ;-)

Di Mackey said...

I believe that might be true, Van.