Friday, May 08, 2009

A bit of a battering (or, needing a free personal assistant urgently)

Boccadasse, Italy, originally uploaded by - di.

You know when you're just out-running disaster in terms of work needing done well ... today I feel like that house in Boccadasse.

I was correcting and mailing out the work newsletter but can't because the remote server is too slow and it's like running in mud.
Solution, go to work Monday and do it all because ... today I begin work on the exhibition photographs and have to be in this Antwerpen city this afternoon and not the city of Brussels.

I have to pick up my Belgian driving licence and it's a tricky trip via public transport.

I've just set everything up for tomorrow's 9am family portrait session.

I need to write to Peter and tell him I loved his photographs of New Zealand, apologising for not quite getting to the email I intended to write but I'm almost done with the Rome photographs that will travel to Naples with me on Tuesday.

And then there's the problem of the Hash House Harriers Rome photographs ... just exactly what did I do with them after I mailed them out. I ran out of space on my hard drive in Istanbul and deleted some things I thought I was done with but don't worry, I've worked out how to deal with that, Tonya but I had to think some.

I need to post soprano, Carleen Ebb's photographs today. They're processed and on cd, it's just getting over to the Post Office - a long-standing problem for me. Just ask my little sister and her daughters ... I am the stuff of non-posting legends.

I need to phone the hotel to pay for the room in Rome on the way home from Naples ... there's a train journey I wanted to write about so I'm landing in my beloved Rome and catching the train to Naples. The new website needs that particular story but then, I need to get across the city via metro or taxi ;) Here's to the story remaining ordinary.

Must pack, must process photographs, must convince my daughter that being my p.a. has undreamt of benefits, then dream up said benefits.

I hope you're more organised in your world
Happy Friday.


RD said...

My engineer husband would tell you, "You need systems, Di!" You're busy--and it's going to get busier. What you really need is a wife. :-) Good luck and much fun on this next travel!

Kay said...

Make a list and stick to it! :) Have fun! (I'm sure your daughter will make an ideal p.a. - good luck with your persuasive efforts.)

furiousBall said...

if i were closer, i'd be all over a job

Di Mackey said...

I know, RD, Gert tells me too and he does his best but I think I need a really really strict creator of systems.

A wife, I wish I'd known how useful wives are meant to be, RD. It's life-changing information, isn't it?

A list ... oh Kay, there are lists all over my desk. My daughter ... gah! she went back to bed.

Van, I would so love that. You would be a much-honoured, much-revered p.a.

parlezvouskiwi said...

I wish I was more organised in my life :-) Although, I was a PA for awhile there. I found that making a checklist helps and putting a star to those that are most important and prioritising.

Good luck, I hope you get a chance to breathe. :-)