Sunday, May 03, 2009

Simone Bitton, Film-maker

Salon interviewer: He says to you that it's important to resist something that you know is wrong even if you know you will not succeed.

Simone Bitton: Yes, yes, and it's a lesson, it's a lesson. You asked me before about naiveté. What does it mean, naiveté? Does it mean that if you are not sure that you will succeed that you will not fight for freedom? Is that naiveté? If so, maybe we should hope that more people will be naive in this world.

Raquel sent me a link to a Salon interview with a Moroccan-born Jewish filmmaker who spent many years in Israel and now lives in France

This tempted me and I believe it will be another film I need to seek out in the weeks ahead, along with Waltz with Bashir .

In this new documentary, Simone conducts a philosophical and cinematic inquiry into the death of Rachel Corrie, the 23-year-old American activist who was killed under ambiguous circumstances in the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip in March 2003. But the political firestorm that followed Corrie's death, which saw her beatified as a martyr for peace by some on the left and demonized as a terrorist enabler by some on the right, is virtually absent from the film.

Thank you Raquel.


lizardrinking said...

Sorry to comment so much. You might also like to see Lemon Tree, if you haven't already.

Di Mackey said...

No worries about the commenting, never worry Ms Lizardrinking. Lemon Tree, must look, thanks.