Monday, May 04, 2009

Naples is on ...

A last minute idea on how to afford travelling this time and I fly next week ... writes flying on a shoestring as usual, Di

So today is the first day in front of me and I have promised to have the 500 Rome photographs processed and ready to take to Naples with me. I have a 2.30pm interview with a restaurant owner in the city and I need to start working on the exhibition photography today too.

This morning I sent last month's invoice to the NGO, having begun this month's newsletter over the weekend. I priced out an exhibition for them, and then I worked on an English text for an exciting new online business that I will write up on the new website.

It's 10.11am as I write this.

Last night I finished processing the New Zealand soprano, Carleen Ebbs, Flanders Fields photographs at midnight, so they will be mailed today, and Jessie is working on a beautiful Communion card for the friends whose daughter I photographed last weekend. They were pleased with their photographs.

Sometimes ... just sometimes, writing it all down here helps me to focus, so to speak but let's see it.

There are distractions ...
In researching the island of Ischia just now, I discovered Truman Capote ... I may need to make time for him too.

Hope things are good out in your world.
Tot ziens.

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