Friday, May 22, 2009

This was kind of delicious ...

I didn't follow American Idol and was just catching up with the Adam Lambert phenomena when I discovered this ... Mark will laugh.


Anonymous said...

The voter's definitely got it wrong...this kid rocks...and I don't EVER watch that show!

Found you via Lilac Colored Glasses and really appreciated your thoughts/comments to her!

LOVE your photographs!!!

Mark J said...

So fess up Di - where you ever a member of the KISS Army :)

Paul Stanley actually still has a kick arse voice!!!

RD said...

Wow, that was fun! Maybe I SHOULD watch American Idol. Adam's got it! How did he lose?

Di Mackey said...

Hey hotmamamia, thank you :)

Indeed I was, Mark, until I found the backmasking ... ;) lol.

I think Adam was going to be famous no matter he did, RD. I was stunned that he lost though ... completely stunned.