Thursday, May 14, 2009

Taverna, Herculaneum, Naples

Taverna, Herculaneum, Naples, originally uploaded by - di.

Apparently lunch was never eaten at home back in those A.D. days in Herculaneum (or Ercolano) and this was one of the local restaurants.

There's a book I hope to find before leaving here ... Pompeii, by Robert Harris.


furiousBall said...

explain that.. is that a vomitorium?

Di Mackey said...

Okay ... Tonya is my source of all information presently. She's a wee bit of a goddess that way and when I checked with her on this question she told me that it was basically where the Romans went to vomit so as to allow themselves to carry on with the feasting expected of them :)

Anonymous said...

So many questions now.
Those look like urns. Are they bottomless? If not, how and who cleaned them? Did they eat at the same table where they vomited? All in front of each other?
Can I just go back in time and see it all for myself?
Your pictures create yearning. I want to be in the rooms you photograph.