Saturday, April 11, 2009

Who wouldn't love this?

Istanbul is being so good to us.

Today Lisen and I interviewed a Roma fashion designer (and I bought little Miss 4 a stunning blue dancing costime.

We started the day eating stunningly excellent gozleme at the organic market, a tasty kofte lunch at Ayvansaray -and, took incredible photographs all day because the people and the sights we saw were simply incredible.

A stunning stunning day, here in the city of Istanbul.

Huge thanks to Lisen and Yakup, the best host and hostess a person could wish for.


paris parfait said...

Beautiful photo! Sounds like everything is going as you'd hoped! xo

furiousBall said...

wow that looks nice

Di Mackey said...

It is, thank you Tara. It's been crazy-busy but tomorrow is a kind of rest day. Yesterday it was the city walls, a beautiful Greek Orthodox church, a famous Roman fashion designer, a small cafe with the lovliest people. There were the two sailors, and the exquisitely beautiful old man with the bead selling prayer beads ... and more but you get the idea I guess.

Oh Van, it is so nice here.