Sunday, April 05, 2009

Running with sheep ...

So you can run with the bulls in Spain OR ... you can attend The Running of the Sheep back home in New Zealand, although a word of caution, a woman was knocked unconscious during the event this year when a few sheep ran amok.

You can't begin to imagine how dangerous it was to grow up back there ...

An extract: Safety arrangements at New Zealand's answer to Spain's "Running of the Bulls" - the "Running of the Sheep" - is being reviewed after hundreds of the animals ran amok through Te Kuiti injuring a spectator yesterday.

They leapt over barriers designed to keep them on the main street and protect 7000 spectators who turned up to watch the annual event.

All semblance of order completely broke down, the sheep crossing the main road and the rail track before heading into the hills.


Kay said...

Oh yes the cultural cringe factor was curling my toes when I saw this on the news! Oh dear! But oh how NZ! Love it. (Except we do open ourselves up yet again for more mean sheep jokes.)
BTW have you caught up with the Concord's latest series? Tonight's one gives the Aussies a hard time again. Very tongue in cheek - in fact probably too tongue in cheek for the Aussies; they just won't get it!

Catherine said...

We watched the comedy/horror movie "Black Sheep" on TV last night - I'll never look at a sheep in the same way again :)

Di Mackey said...

Oh Kay, I know. I really hesitated about posting it but had to. It was too cute.

The Conchord's. I don't get them here and have pretty much missed the phenomenon that is them sadly. Maybe I should try hunting them out :)

You know, I bought that here a couple of months ago, Catherine. I couldn't resist and my daughter watched it. So far I've avoided it :)