Monday, April 06, 2009

Packing for Istanbul

Today is the beginning of packing for Istanbul ... packing the camera equipment and associated tangle of card readers, chargers, lenses and other important 'stuff ... but wait, then there's the notes and reminders, website addresses and interviews', voice recorder and all things associated because the plan is that I will load and launch the new website from Turkey.

And then, in the true spirit of climbing Mount Everest-like endeavours, I'm also writing and mailing the NGO's bi-monthly newsletter while over there - my Brussels job travels quite nicely thank you.

And Istanbul ... ?
Well it's all about a series of huge day-long photography missions in that city I love so well. This morning I received news of two exciting new finds to be photographed and also included was the news that permission to photograph details are being carried out in advance of arrival. So much simpler than being harassed about the tripod in Haghia Sophia.

So today is Stage 1, the piles of papers, lenses, wires and oh ... some clothes too.

Tot ziens.


V-Grrrl said...

You're bringing clothes? So extravagant!

Nihal said...

>>I will load and launch the new website from Turkey.>>

Oh my, is it?

GREAT NEWS Dear Di! Istanbul will be honored indeed:)

You're welcome always.

Di Mackey said...

Mmm ... as long as I remember to pack them. I forgot once, I packed for everyone else in those long ago first marriage days and forgot anything for myself. These days, I'm so focused on packing equipment, I fear a return to those bad old days, Ms V :)

And will you have time for a coffee, Nihal? Email if you would like to meet some place (and I do understand if you don't) :) You can email me via this site if you like.