Friday, April 03, 2009

A busy day

wandering, originally uploaded by - di.

Late afternoon found me sitting at the outdoor cafe in Rivierenhof - a beautiful park here in the city. I was meeting the family I was photographing there.

They were 3 children late but it was fine because I know how it is to try and get 3 children ready to go out after they've had a long day at school.

And it was hot here ... really hot!
Outdoor cafe hot weather.
Quite remarkable and all but forgotten over winter.

I'm reading the second of John Simpson's books and loving it too. News from No Man's Land is another collection of stories John found and experienced out on BBC Road.

The photography session went beautifully chaotically well but for my ripped pants that no one mentioned until I found the tear myself ... One serious paper clip patch-up job later and we were back at work.

I've been working on the photographs tonight and I'm pleased.
Tired though ...

Tot ziens from this kiwi living in Belgie.


paris parfait said...

It's unusually warm here as well. Great photo! I can imagine the challenge of photographing children after a long day at school. xo

Di Mackey said...

We picked up Jessie and little Miss 4 two years ago, Tara and once again, we stayed with you. Remember how ridiculously deliciously hot it was then?

Oh the children, yes ... but they were hilarious and delicious. xo

Barbara said...

Sure you don't live here in the 'peach' state, with all its heat? :)
This young lady looks thoroughly charming! The photo is wonderful - I especially love that you caught the swing of the laces on her boots. (those boots are gorgeous, btw ...)

Di Mackey said...

We have patchy luck with summer and sunshine, Barbara but today was another kind of glorious April day.

I was photographing a family on Friday and couldn't resist posting this particular shot. It kind of captures this little one.