Friday, April 03, 2009

Madness and mayhem ... or is that just everyday life?

So Gert had a doctor's appointment this morning. He's had the most agonising shoulder/chest pain and it wasn't going away. Next thing I knew, he was phoning me from the tram on the way to the hospital - an x-ray was needed, just to make sure it was nerve pain and not a popped thingyamejig in his lung.

The diagnosis: a repetitive strain from doing the exercises that were helping his back.
Result: serious painkillers for a few days.

His 12 year old son had arrived last night, with another bout of the vomiting bug.Bloodtests were called for as he had been sick with the same thing a week or two ago.

The diagnosis: low iron and blood sugar. Jessie and I have been nagging for ages, as this 21st century kid only allows certain foods to pass by his lips and they surely lack anything valuable in the field of iron.

Little Miss 4 was complaining that she would vomit before breakfast this morning. I might have been teasing her about 'which bowl?' - the sieve or the plastic one, simply because she's been playing with the notion of vomiting lately.

We're now calling the incident Revenge of Last Night's Easter Eggs here at the apartment. One moment I was laughing about bowls, next horror-filled moment, I was sprinting towards her as she vomited all over the couch and the carpet.

You see, Jessie woke up with a powerful headache and neck, possibly after working hard in our balcony garden last night. She was bed-bound for a few hours, Miss 4 seemed to be playing along with the whole ziekenhuis thing.

But no ...

It's been an interesting and unusual few hours.

Meanwhile I'm preparing my gear for a family photography session at the park soon.

Sunshine and warmth.
It's not a bad kind of day and slowly but surely, everyone is reporting back in from the land of the ill and infirm.


Lydia said...

Yikes! It sounds quite chaotic in your world right now. I hope Gert enjoys the pain killers and recovers quickly! Who is Little Miss 4? I haven't read about her before. :) I hope she and the boy get well over the weekend.

Di Mackey said...

It's calming down as I write now, Lydia. Little Miss 4 ... she pops up every now and again, my granddaughter.

We're a bit of a Brady Bunch, with my daughter and granddaughter here, then Gert's kids come and go, living with their mum mostly, in their childhood home.

Miss 4 was fine immediately after the Easter egg vomit. She skipped most of the way to kindy, with us taking turns to make up words to the Monty Python song ... 'Always look on the bright side of Life'.

Barbara said...

Ahhhhh ... you're a Monty Python fan, too! No wonder I like you:) ... but, seriously, my regards to Gert and his son, and a hug for you.

Di Mackey said...

Indeed, Barbara. :)

Thank you for all.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh man....well, vomiting is no laughing matter I suppose....

paris parfait said...

I am sorry to hear about all this. Hope all the sick and infirm are worlds better soon! I have had one of those where everything that can go wrong has, too. Better days ahead, right? (And travel very soon, thankfully!). xoxox

V-Grrrl said...

I remember Little Miss 4 doing the whole "I'm going to vomit" thing when I visited too. So sorry she DID AS SHE SAID SHE WAS GOING TO DO.

Pleased you did not burst into tears and say, "I have nothing to wear AND you're ruining my life."

:P I'm naughty, I know.

Dear dear Di, you live the most, um, EXTRAORDINARY life.

Di Mackey said...

It so very suddenly stopped being a laughing matter, Gary :( but Easter egg gone, she was fine.

The sick and infirm all slowly recovered. Gert has some painkillers that seem to be working, Miss 4 is fine now, Jessie's neck let go, and Gert's son returned to his mum - seeming much better once they realised what was wrong with him. Thanks Tara.

That little Miss 4 - she is the extraordinary one but yes, the sparkle and mischief, mess and noise in my life is something else too, Ms V