Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wandering in Asia ...

Blue Boat, Istanbul, originally uploaded by - di.

We're not long in from 12 hours spent exploring the Asian-side of Istanbul.

Yakup drove and we visited all kinds of sites as we travelled all the way to the Black Sea to explore an ancient castle on a hilltop there.

I have 500 images to download, resize, organise and ... on it goes.

We ate ... we ate all day long.
Turkish food is surely the best food in the world. There's a huge range of choices, it's always beautifully prepared, the customer service is stunning and well ... photographs to follow, on the new website ;)


Barbara said...

What a merry little boat! Was it near the Galata Bridge? For some reason I think of the Impressionist painters when I look at this one ... hmm... so glad you are enjoying yourself and sharing these lovely bits with us ... yes, yes, yes!

paris parfait said...

Love this image of such a bright and cheery boat! xo

furiousBall said...

what a beautiful lil' row boat, great colors

Di Mackey said...

Hi Barbara, the boat was actually over on the Asian-side of Istanbul. We had crossed one of those massive bridges and followed the route mapped out by our exceptionally talented friends. We were looking out at Leanders Tower out in the Bosphorous and I found that particular boat in a little harbour close by.

Thanks Tara. I loved the colours and I've been photographing boats forever. They're up there with hands as a favourite subject.

Oh Van, if you could have seen the 2 cats, 2 roosters and 2 ducks sunning themselves on a pier just a few boats along! I could hear a rooster crowing as I photographed the boat and didn't realise that it wasn't quite what you would expect to hear in a highway-side harbour. I looked down and there they all were, hanging out together. I must write on it someplace :)