Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More than 3000 photographs and still going ...

Sunrise on the Bosphorous, Istanbul, originally uploaded by - di.

My much-loved Canon EOS has run hot here in Istanbul.

Most days we have spent 10 hours out taking photographs, returning to the apartment to organise and process them but I have never managed to keep up ... having taken 586 photographs on Saturday alone.

My photo folders are overflowing and after a hectic 48 hours of good people, a beautiful hotel, a niece from New Zealand, 2 kiwis who lives here, a little too much red wine on a warm Istanbul night and amazing photographic opportunities, here I am, processing and trying to put things back in order, having not even had time to view the images taken at 6.30am Saturday out on the Bosphorous.

Istanbul is one of those cities where I can't stop using my camera, it's a passion, a compulsion and a pleasure but my body is protesting.

I fly tomorrow.


Lydia said...

Oh how beautiful this is. The colors and textures.....ahh! This is a place that I'd have thought might exist only in my dreams, Di. Thank you for making it real while maintaining the dreamlike quality of the place you've described so beautifully, both in photos and words.

Catherine said...

P and I took 15000 between us when we spent a month in the UK - that's about 500 a day, but it was two people - and there were a lot of photos of gravestone inscriptions etc
So I think you're ahead of us! From what you have posted, they look like wonderful photos

Nihal said...

Oh, more than 3,000 photos!
It's possible as Istanbul is one the most-giving places over the world.
I'm not surprised:) Therefore I understand you very well when your protesting this beautiful woman, Istanbul.

Barbara said...

Wow. Oh wow, and wow. You have inspired me more than I can say, dear friend! Even the names, 'Leanders Tower', 'Maidens Tower' ... shimmer with mystery and romance and story. If I were other than what I am I would envy you ... :) a lot :)

furiousBall said...

wow, Di - as always, impressive

paris parfait said...

Gorgeous image! It sounds like you're not ready to go yet. But at least you'll have all those beautiful images to remind you. xoxox

Di Mackey said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed this image, Lydia. It does have a dream-like quality. Stunning post-modern architecture next to ancient Roman and Ottoman buildings.

500 each a day, Catherine, that's impressive though, especially over a month. It becomes exhausting quite fast, as something like a portrait session completely drains me, or even just trying to slip under the skin of a city.

I do believe you might love Istanbul even more than me, Nihal, which is good since you're living there :)

You would love Istanbul, Barbara. I'm sure of it.

Thank you, Van - you're kind, as always.

Thank you to you too, Tara. Istanbul just kind of sits there, waiting for you. I am finally sitting at my desk ready to go through all of the photographs I have waiting for my attention ... sigh.