Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yesterday in Brussels

an old friend, originally uploaded by - di.

I taught some incredible young minds while I was teaching English in Istanbul and some of them have kept up with me since leaving. For the first time an ex-student of mine flew into Brussels and we lunched together in a frozen city centre - minus 2 yesterday.

I had the new Canon EOS and couldn't resist asking permission to photograph him before the cafe filled up with the lunch crowd. He's a lovely guy - fluent in Turkish, French and English, savvy in politics and working towards a career as a musician.

It was good to catch up on him and his world.


paris parfait said...

Lovely photo - he looks happy.

Barbara said...

This young man looks like he is a joy to be around, and you were so fortunate to have him as a student. He looks happy, as paris parfait said.

Di Mackey said...

He was very gracious about the photography session actually :)

I think that is surely the best of being a teacher, seeing the potential of these amazing people come to fruition.