Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A little bit of Bob.

When not completely infuriated by the games governments play, I listen to music ...
I do.

I was listening to my mp3 player while working through some photo sessions just completed and came to Bob Seger's Roll Me Away and remembered travelling all over the South Island of New Zealand with this man. He won't recall, possibily because it was more about him playing loud on my car stereo as I drove the 600kms between Dunedin and Blenheim ... or where ever I was going back in those days of driving and immense personal freedom.

I went searching for a youtube of Roll Me Away but only came up with somebody's elses road trip ... Bob's excellent company.

I liked this song of Bob's too, so we'll make-do with the youtube.


distracted by shiny objects said...

What memories with this song. I dated a musician for many years and traveled with him quite a few times to his gigs in Holiday Inn lounges in different towns. Sometimes I got work waitressing. Brings back a lot of youthful angst:>)

Di Mackey said...

Ms DBSM, you have led an interesting life! I love musicians just because they have that almost magical ability to make music. One of my early crushes was on a boy who could play guitar and sing. My heart would just melt.

I hope the youthful angst made you smile now :)