Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Thank You Gift

It's the new year and I have been so caught up in the situation in the Middle East ... and you guys have kept coming to read. I just wanted to say thank you.

I noticed that there are more than a few gifts being given at the blogs of friends I enjoy reading and realised that maybe I could say thank you with more than words. I love the idea of the possibility of receiving an art work or book from blogosphere friends and realised I could do something similar with my photography.

So, to say thank you for your support and encouragement throughout 2008 and for not giving up on me when my grief about the killings in the Middle East spilled out onto my blog world, I would like to offer 2 of my photographs, enlarged and printed up to 30x45cms in size and mailed to you, where ever you are in the world.

Just leave a comment saying you would like your name to go into the hat and I'll get Gert to draw someone's name out of my brand new red hat on Sunday 11th. I'll have to rely on some of you checking in to see who won and sending me your postal address ... although I do have my postcard mailing list here for others.

Some of you might have particular images in mind but feel free to look through my flickr selection and let me know which two images you might like. You might remember seeing some that are no longer on flickr, you can describe those too. There will be some I can't send ... mostly the people images but otherwise, the choice is yours.

Thank you again and all the veryvery best in 2009.


paris parfait said...

What a very special giveaway - and a wonderful photo here! As for the ME, it is worse by the day. I can hardly bear to read the news or see the television reports - simply heartbreaking. That UN school! Sigh. xoxox

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

rock on! You can put my name into the hat please.
What's this I hear, about a school in Palestine blown to bits this morning with a bunch of people sheltering inside?????

Di Mackey said...

I have tried to be careful with my viewing this afternoon. I had so many other things unfolding and I was a small disaster. I missed the 2 UN schools until you wrote, Tara.

Consider your names in the hat and yes, I guess you've since heard more, Gary but 2 UN schools were attacked with civilians sheltering inside. Israel is saying that they were fired upon from the school ...

'They said, then the others said' ... who knows what the truth of war is, beyond the fact that 100s of innocent civilians are dying, as is always the case. Belgium has offered to take the injured children to hospitals in Europe but how can you seperate a mother or father from a child who might die ... and will Israel allow it?

I don't have the heart to check in on it all yet but I imagine Eva will cover it as soon as she can:

BarbS said...

Di - I am new to your blog, having discovered you just a month ago. Though I was captivated by your photographs, it is your honest and heartfelt words that keep me coming back for more. Not just when you talk about the ME, but also in the telling of others' stories. I appreciate the written gems and visual pleasures you so generously share with us...and then you offer another gift through your giveaway. You are a delight to follow!

RD said...

It's difficult to be quiet when so much violence is unfolding before our eyes. I think you're brave to put it out there. Your blog is about people becoming stories and stories becoming understanding--that's what we hope happens in the Middle East. The more we learn about the people, the more we understand. It's heartbreaking and maddening. I don't know what to do.

Giovanni said...

What a lovely idea - and yes please, the hat, the hat!

I also have to return your good wishes for 2009, and join the others in urging you not to apologise for sharing your sadness with us.

Carolien said...

I would love for my name to go into the red hat. Your photos are breathtaking and remind me of the beauty in this world. The contrast between the photo of the men in the boat and the news of the day almost takes my breath away.

Deadlyjelly said...

Ooh me too, me too easepleasepleasepleaseplease!

Di Mackey said...

BarbS, thank you for your lovely comment. Your blog! I really enjoyed visiting it, the about section was delicious and I have noted the word 'intention' in my journal for further attention :)

RD, I'm not really so brave, it's just about the fact that I've rarely been able to stay quiet when I feel strongly about something. It's rare, I have about 4 pushable buttons at this point in my life. I started out as a young child in NZ, feeling that the Maori had been given a rough deal by the European colonists and so that feeling seemed to flow naturally through into this situation.

You know, I met some fabulous people in Cairo and their stories were so inspirational and I expect to find more stories as I wander this year. Thanks RD.

Giovanni, your name is in the hat :) and thank you. I feared I was making people here crazy.

Carolien, into the red hat your name goes too, along with everyone else here :)

I'm glad you enjoyed that photograph. I was searching for some kind of peace when I looked for a photograph to go with the post. Then men in their rowboat seemed just perfect to me.

Deadlyjelly, of course, of course! :) Thank you.

Nessje said...

You've finally tempted me out of lurkdom! Please throw me in the red hat.
I've been visiting your blog for a while now, drawn back again and again by your wonderful images and words - and the odd bit of Kiwiana ;)
What you write is so passionate and true to you, I don't see how you could NOT write about Gaza.
Thank you for allowing us all the privilege of Woman Wandering.

Kia kaha.

paola said...

Yes, please, put me in the hat!!!

Mercy said...

Why must children being killed? They are innocent people. You have the photos?

kompoStella said...

good morning to you, Di -
i've only just read this post and hope my name can still make it into your hat.
i always enjoy your blog and i fully understand why you write about the disaster taking place while we sleep/speak/drink/eat our way through a normal life. i read about it and listen to the radio but cannot bear to watch the news. the images goes straight into my heart and will pop up during the night...