Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Elders.

This gave me a little bit of hope, meet The Elders.

The Global Elders or The Elders is a group of public figures noted as elder statesmen, peace activists, and human rights advocates. The goal of the group is to solve global problems, using "almost 1,000 years of collective experience" to work on solutions for seemingly insurmountable problems like climate change, HIV/AIDS, and poverty, and "use their political independence to help resolve some of the world's most intractable conflicts."

You can read more about them over here.


Lydia said...

This is SO GREAT! Im sure glad I stopped by to find this gem of a post.

(Our newspaper carried a short article on some horrible knifing in Belgium. My thoughts go out to all there...)

Di Mackey said...

I loved the idea of these Elders. Here's to the crazy mixed up world listening some ...

As for the Belgian murders, we're all shocked and horrified. It's a small village, quite beautiful and peaceful - what happened there is simply unimaginable.

Carolien said...

Di, have you read "Shantaram"? The author, Gregory David Roberts, convened the Ethics Conference for The Elders and wrote the constitution and ethical foundation documents for it.